In a land where no person belonging to a third gender is even considered a human being, there are very minimum opportunities for them to get educated, grow and live as a respectable citizen. Our norms make it even harder for them to make themselves acceptable not only by the society but also by their own families. Very few of them manage to live under such pressure and inhibiting conditions. In such a miserable society we have fetched you a success story of a transgender we met. Sobo Malik is a proud Pakistani transgender.


During her interview with iMatter she told us she had to face a great deal of issues when she decided to come out as a transgender. At the start of her journey, she came through such conditions that shattered her heart, only she recognized that every part of her shattered heart was even willing to struggle for her individuality. It took time, but she was eventually able to get her family understand that being a transgender is neither something that needs to be fixed nor a disease that needs to be cured. But her face lost that beautiful smiling curve when she told us that still there are many transgender out there who are not accepted as they are, they are forced to live with fake identities and are facing harassment every day.

She further said that even when families accept us in our true identity, we are still mocked by people every time we go out to seek or do some job which makes working and communicating with people even harder. When we asked her what is her biggest achievement so far that she would like the whole world to know, she told us that she has done ACCA from SCANS school of accountancy and is making her career as Finance Officer at Khawaja Sira Society.


Her face bloomed up back with a smile, while explaining us that she always wanted society to accept and support her community and now she feels lucky working for their rights, betterment and spreading awareness against various diseases. She was really glad to know the vision and mission of iMatter and she stated that her hopes from iMatter are really high and she is happy that eventually someone would be constructing a platform where transgender would be given the skills and opportunities to run as an independent and honorable part of our company.

This is the success story of just one transgender while there are a lot of similar stories that need to be listened, written, read and shared. We promise you to keep uncovering such inspirational stories.

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