When someone mentions transgender community the first thing that pops up in our mind is how pitiful their lives are but we have great news for you. This article is an insight to the celebration of events and hardwork transgender community. iMatter got a chance to be a part of a fabulous event held by KSS(Khawaja Sira Society) in Lahore on 13th December, 2016. KSS is an NGO that works for welfare and wellbeing of transgender community. They strive to give them a chance to live better life without any diseases. They organise this event on yearly basis and the agenda of this event is particularly to spread awareness about AIDS, HIV and other STDs, prevention from them and their remedies.

This event was held with the name of Worlds AIDS Day and the theme they followed was to “Think Positive, Rethink HIV”. It was held with the suggestions of the whole community and we saw great enthusiasm in people present there. It was also meant to gather whole community, celebrate their existence and make them stronger.  The event was opened by Moon Ali (Project Manager) who explained the role of KSS in fighting the social stigmas related to transgender community and the need to have awareness about STDs. We were glad to witness a social acceptability of transgender community as we could see every part of our society mixing with each other and eliminating the distances. Followed by introduction of event and KSS there was a small play about AIDS and HIV that was performed by students of Tefta. We also saw representatives from Akhuwat NGO and some other government and non-government organizations.


This time KSS decided to throw a fashion show on special request of the whole community. The participants were full of spirit and gave a tough competition to each other. On the judge panel we saw some great representatives of the community. Fashion show was divided in three phases; casual wear, party wear and bridal wear. The messages given by the participants were soul-thrilling. They demanded to eradicate discrimination and violence against transgender, to eliminate AIDs from society and they insisted on the fact that they are Gods creation as well who are supposed to have equality in every field of life. After a great show, the results were announced and out of 20 participants Gia Khan won the crown of Miss KSS. Other participants were also encouraged by the gift giving.


The event ended with delicious food served and a great company with some mind-blowing people. To cover up the whole event we would like to appreciate KSS on arranging a successful event that played a key role in creating a sense of involvement and belonging to community and we would also like to appreciate them on the effort they are putting in changing the mindset of people, building and enhancing a social bond.