When was the last time you heard your family telling you to go ahead to do whatever your heart wishes for and not to care about what your relatives, neighbors, society or world will think? Can you recall the feeling of doing something without caring about what you would be labeled as or pointed at? Well, the society we are raised in is more about thinking what others will think of you and what they will have to say about you more than what you think you are made to do. A society where a male or female is not allowed to fetch their dreams according to their choice, transgender community is still struggling just to express what they are and they still crave for acceptability.

A group of transgender along with support of some other people tried to surface the issues of transgender community, their needs and wants through a play called “Log Kya Kahain Gy?” on 20th December, 2016. This play was arranged in Saint Peter’s Church, Waris Road, Lahore where many activists, media groups, religious scholars and government officials gathered to have an insight to lives of transgender in Pakistan. Cast included 5 people named Amir, Mishal, Izna, Mahi and Salman. The stage was opened with a scene of a house at Bahawalpur, Pakistan where a kid was born. After some months it was revealed to the society that the kid is a transgender and as the kid grew the soul of transgender started awakening in him. He started dressing like females, used makeup and walked like girls.



After witnessing the change in kid his family first tried to stop him by threatening him and then beating him brutally. He was beaten up by elders and mocked by younger which started shattering his confidence, nature and inner soul. When family saw that every step taken by them failed to kill the soul of kid they dragged the kid outside the house and closed the doors for him forever. The words spoken by family, tears shed by innocent kid and the flow of emotion during that scene surrounded the audience with a lot of questions and shook the base of humanity inside them.

Watching this scene Izna, playing the role of a Guru, stood up from the audience and clapped three times. She went to the kid, took her shawl off and covered the kid in it. The eyes of the kid and guru asked many questions from audience and their faces though expressionless but still shrieked for help that moment. In the end, guru stood in front of the audience and asked them, “Why do you people abandon us? Why a transgender kid is orphan even when the parents are living? Why are not we accepted as a part of this society? For which sin are we bearing this punishment? We are a part of your society; a part on the face of which you have slammed doors but we are still there. We are still at the other end of the door waiting for you to open it.”


The end note made of the play made the surrounding as quiet as a graveyard and why would it not be quiet for the ego was killed and humanity got the victory which was clear in wet eyes, speechless tongues and loudness of claps of the audience. We are proud of such transgender who are not afraid to accept themselves the way they are in public and are working for their rights. And we hope to see our society embracing our fellow human beings if not soon then someday.