A Hope in Despair

Who Am I?

As I stand before the dressing table that is all covered with costly and rich scented men perfumes waves of stress appear on my forehead when my eyes see a little pink colored glittery box. I decide to pick that... Continue Reading →


Who is a transgender? FYI!

Who is a transgender or, what we call in our local language, a Khawaja Sira? While explaining the aim of iMatter to the common people, we got to identify the harrowing reality that the majority of our population has no... Continue Reading →

Success Story No. 1: Bringing inspiring stories from shadows to limelight

In a land where no person belonging to a third gender is even considered a human being, there are very minimum opportunities for them to get educated, grow and live as a respectable citizen. Our norms make it even harder... Continue Reading →

Worlds AIDS Day- Spreading awareness and saving lives.

When someone mentions transgender community the first thing that pops up in our mind is how pitiful their lives are but we have great news for you. This article is an insight to the celebration of events and hardwork transgender... Continue Reading →

Log Kya Kahein Gy? Breaking chains of Trans-phobia.

When was the last time you heard your family telling you to go ahead to do whatever your heart wishes for and not to care about what your relatives, neighbors, society or world will think? Can you recall the feeling... Continue Reading →

Teesri Dhun: An effort to put the voice of transgender community in-front of world through words

The society we live in is brutally divided in not only religions, regions and cast but in genders where men are always seen at the top while women still struggle to be a successful part of society. In such a... Continue Reading →

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